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Entertaining YouTube Channels

Manchester Oaks Blog, Franklin, WI  Take a break from the movie theater and watch some entertaining videos on your computer in your apartment.

This month, take a break from the movie theater and watch some entertaining videos. We’ve got a few YouTube channels we think you should check out the next time you’re relaxing in your Manchester Oaks apartment in Franklin, WI.


Good Mythical Morning

Chances are you’ve probably heard of Rhett and Link from YouTube. If not, there’s a lot to look forward to. Now releasing 4 short videos Monday through Friday, Good Mythical Morning stars two best friends in extremely entertaining videos. Want to watch Jack Black sing holiday songs, find out what it’s like to eat tarantula cotton candy, or cuddle with cockroaches? Rhett and Link’s channel has a ton of great content!



Whether it’s watching people try not to laugh while watching hilarious videos or seeing how kids react to old telephones and computers, this channel has a variety of entertaining videos to occupy your attention for hours. Check out this description from the REACT YouTube channel:


“The REACT Channel, from FBE, features a diverse lineup of the shows that cover gaming, food, music, and game shows that feature a large family of Reactors of all generations, including the FBE staff that make all the videos! For newcomers, we’ve been making some of the web’s most popular series on this channel and across the web for over a decade! Subscribe today and become a part of the REACT Family!”



Ryan Higa is an American comedian and YouTube personality. His videos have been viewed over 3 billion times. Here are a few of our favorite Ryan Higa videos: Why you should be a TUBER Driver, Peg Pants!, and Expectations vs. Reality: Action Movies.


Bored Shorts TV

“Official home of Kid Snippets, Senior Snippets, Kid Snippets News & Viral Videos, Kid History, Little Bigs & more. Laughter for all ages.  We think kids are hilarious and so we bring their humor to life by mixing the world of a child with that of adults.”


Bad Lip Reading

New words are dubbed into scenes from your favorite movies and TV shows. Check them out here!


Action Movie Kid

With explosive special effects, this YouTube channel brings the imagination of children to a reality that we can all experience.


Do you have a favorite YouTube channel or video that you like watching? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks for reading!