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Halloween and Harry Potter

Harry Potter train going through rolling hills

It’s always fun to discuss the world’s favorite wizard, and this month is no different. With Halloween fast approaching, the Manchester Oaks Blog is excited to share some facts about Harry Potter and this frightful holiday. Sit back and enjoy reading today’s blog post in the comfort of your apartment in Franklin, WI.

Surprised that Halloween and Harry Potter are in the same blog post? This holiday was actually very important for the young wizard. He might not have gone trick-or-treating, or celebrated like you will, but it’s certainly a day that impacted his life forever. Join us Muggles as we celebrate two things that have changed the world: Halloween and the Boy Who Lived. The following information was gathered from

October 31, 1981 — The day Harry’s parents died

The dark wizard, Lord Voldemort, stormed Godric’s Hollow on this tragic night, taking the lives of Lily and James Potter. This date transformed Harry’s life forever. It was the beginning of his miserable adventures at the Dursleys, the disappearance of Lord Voldemort, and a newfound celebration for the wizarding world.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione become a trio

After a successful fight against a giant troll, Harry’s relationship with Ron and Hermione budded into the start of their legendary friendship.

The Chamber of Secrets opens again

Not only did Harry attend a ghost party, but the young wizard faced a literally petrifying experience: the opening of the Chamber of Secrets. Written on one of the castle’s walls were the words “Enemies of the heir… beware.” This and a mysterious voice that wanted to kill made for one frightening Halloween night.

Sirius Black breaks into Hogwarts

“For Harry’s third year, surely the poor lad was due a peaceful Halloween? As it turned out: no. In Prisoner of Azkaban, a new threat haunted Harry in the shape of escaped Azkaban convict Sirius Black. And, as luck would have it, the events of Sirius’ escape reached an apex on those dying embers of October when an unfortunate security slip-up led to Sirius breaking into the notoriously safe Hogwarts castle.”

Harry becomes a Triwizard Champion

What Harry expected to be a relaxing and exciting day turned into the complete opposite. When Harry’s name suddenly rises out of the Goblet of Fire on October 31, his school year is once again turned upside down.

The Deathly Hallows

“Funny that the Deathly Hallows shares half a name with Hallowe'en too. In the wizarding world, ‘Hallows’ are known as three enchanted and hugely powerful objects that can unite to ‘conquer Death’. At one point or another, Harry has temporarily possessed all three of them. Seeing as the Muggle holiday celebrates the supernatural and the unknown, how fitting that the Hallows should be so-named in such a familiar way, and that Harry Potter of all people should be so intimately connected to both. Spooky.”

What makes Halloween a special day for you? Leave a comment below with your favorite holiday memories. Happy Halloween!