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Revamp Your Summer Playlist

Manchester Oaks Blog, Franklin, WI Apartments  Revamp your summer playlist with a few familiar (and maybe not familiar) artists. What are you listening to this month?


This month at the Manchester Oaks, add some music to your playlist. Summer is a season for adventure, reflection, and new experiences. Here are a few artists to add to the soundtrack of your summer. You’ve probably heard of most of them; if not, a listen is just one click away. Put on your earphones or turn up the music in your apartment as you give these songs a listen.


Modest Mouse

Originally from Issaquah, WA, this American alternative rock band has grown its fan base since 1992. With their award-winning song “Float On,” Modest Mouse is a great addition to anyone’s playlist.


Band of Horses

This American folk rock band has shown promise since 2004. Enjoy more than four albums of music, including their 2010 Grammy-nominated Infinite Arms.


Jennifer Thomas

An accomplished pianist from Seattle, Washington, Jennifer’s music is an accomplishment that needs to be listened to. Her award-winning album Illumination, in addition to her work on the recent Beauty and the Beast movie of 2017, is just one of the many things you’ll want to listen to. She’s also a violinist, composer, and recording artist. Got a big project coming up? Check out the musical stylings of Jennifer Thomas for inspiration.


Minus the Bear

Enjoy listening to the music of this Indie rock band. Since their start, they’ve released six albums, each with a unique sound that’s reached around the world. In 2017 alone, they toured Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, and other places. Give their song “Excuses” a listen!


Death Cab for Cutie

This alternative rock band is noted for its unique lyrical style. Enjoy songs like “Soul Meets Body,” “I Will Follow You Into the Dark,” “Your Heart is an Empty Room,” and many others.


Do you have a favorite artist? What about a band from Franklin, WI? Share some song titles from your current playlist so we can all listen. Comment below to become apart of the discussion. Thanks for reading and listening!